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Hentai: Sweet Addiction

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, , it’s not worth that”

fucinhigh08: i walk up and push close to you and whisper in your ear “come on sis i know your a lil slut i’ve heard the stories, just suck my cock and i’ll take you ok” i say reaching up your skirt

yankees2girl: i slap your hand away “fuck you i’m not a slut!” i try to push you off of me but your really strong

fucinhigh08: i grab you by the ass and hold you close
fucinhigh08: “fuck you bitch you ain’t going anywhere”
fucinhigh08: i pull you and you throw you on the floor

yankees2girl: as i fall to the ground my skirt flies up and i know you caught a glimpse of my pantiless pussy

fucinhigh08: as you lay there dazed and trying to get up “see i knew you were a slut,

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