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I could hear Steve on the stairs but Lee carried on, the idea of being Lee’s plaything getting me all wet again as I worked his cock with my hands and mouth , For those of you that don't know, Brighton is a very liberal party town which is why I love living here – I guess becuase I'm a very liberal party girl!

I'm lucky because my job keeps me pretty trim and in good shape, I have a athletic body with a tight ass and good sized boobs – all this keeps me employed and pretty popular,

I lashed my tongue around Lee’s beautiful cock as my boyfriend shoved his long hard dick into my pussy, I felt so full down there it was amazing
‘Shit Cindy I can feel that dildo it your ass, you dirty little bitch!!’
Steve started to build a good rhythm but I knew he wouldnt last long looking at me with a face full of another mans cock, I began to twist my hips, grinding the ribbed dildo in my ass against his pussy stretching cock,

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