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Hentai: Under Blue 11

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Within days Walter is given the Nobel Prize in medicin and is on the cover of both health journals and every newspaper and magasine on Earth, dubbed as an angel sent by god by the theists and a genious by the scientific community several hospitals are named after him and he's invited to have dinner with presidents and kings all over the world , Walter ejaculates and cleans up the mess, he presses one of the many buttons infront of the televison and the Rx 78 – 4 gas stops filling the room then speaking into a microphone he says ” please get dressed and wait for further instructions “, With both rooms filled with Rx 78 – 4 gas both mother and son are insanely horny and Walter watches the son make the first move and walk towards his mother, he hugs her and can see his rock hard cock rub and poke against his mothers stomach, The Rx 78 – 2 gas has stopped filling the rooms but the Rx 78 – 4 is still comming out of the vents, the doors leading into the changing rooms are locked so the mother and son can't escape

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