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Hentai: Toubou ELF3

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Sissy had not noticed as she was being whipped that her legs were now like the other women almost 90 degrees and horizontal and she felt not only her ankles being strapped with strong leather belts but also her thighs just above her knees, She could not see her pussy but the sensation of the whipping and the fact that she could not move gave her a feeling she did not quite understand! The painful burning and stinging of her clit just moments ago had now become a warm glow in her gentiles as Bulls mouth suddenly closed over Sissy's sweet and sore little clit the sensation immediately brought a shuddering orgasm from Sissy,s restricted young body this was followed by several more uncontrolled release's

Sissy could not believe she had gone from burning pain to multiple orgasms in only a matter of minutes,

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